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The Bidwell Portland - A Marriott Hotel


The Bidwell is Portland's newly renovated lifestyle hotel, located right in the heart of downtown. Marriott turned the Portland Marriott City Center into the Bidwell Hotel last summer, and we had the honor of providing some of the interior decor and lobby furniture.

 The Lobby at The Bidwell

Bookmatched Oregon black walnut panels were fabricated to create wall paneling, to create a cozy and natural look for the Bidwell's main lobby.

Lobby and Front Desk of The Bidwell

The bookmatched sets wrap around columns and corners by the front desk.

Front Desk of the Bidwell

The front desk is one of our highly figured Oregon black walnut slabs, fabricated and encased in a smoky-tinted epoxy resin by the Black Forest Wood Company based in Alberta, Canada. 

Front Desk at the Bidwell

The Oregon black walnut used for the front desk could easily be considered "5A", a grading system referring to the amount of figure in a piece of wood- a "5A piece" is classified as the highest score possible.

If you're ever in downtown Portland, feel free to stop by the Bidwell and have a look- they'd love to see you.