Headquartered in Aurora, Oregon, where the trees grow big and tall. We’re old school, with a touch of innovation – harvesting old, oversized, mostly dead and dying trees. We don’t skimp on the thickness of our lumber, and we believe that a wider board is a better board. Renowned for our Walnut slabs, oversized lumber, and highly figured material – we work hard to build a better board for our customers.

We're a family business, co-owned and operated by father and son team Art and Aaron Blumenkron. Our flagship retail, distribution, and processing warehouses are located a few miles from downtown Portland. We also have a milling and drying facility in Aurora, just outside of Portland. 


Armed with a strong work ethic and a maker's spirit, Gary Goby began harvesting dying Walnut trees from the Willamette Valley as a means of making his own muzzle-loading gunstocks in the early 1970’s. A doctor by day and a lumberman by night, Gary’s passion for controlling the process from tree to board was apparent in the stocks that he produced. Gary wanted to share his success with other passionate builders, so he launched Goby Walnut in 1976. We’ve grown since then, but our philosophy remains the same. Our mission is to empower makers to create their best work by providing unique and inspiring material.

We're also on a mission to close the sustainability loop. Salvaging dead and dying material is nothing new, but growing seedlings and replanting 5 trees for every tree that we mill, is! If interested, please ask us how to get involved.





    Aaron Blumenkron

    Owner; Portland Native, Oregon Duck, Dog Dad

    The go-to person at Goby Walnut. As a kid, Aaron wanted to be a pro hockey player, and grew up to believe sandwich is the best word in the English language. Best piece of advice given: "Don't wait for perfection. Run with what you have, and fix it along the way."





    Phil Oliversen

    Shop Manager; WI Native, Rocio's Super Fan

    Wood expert and resident human forklift, which may stem from the belief that in another life he was a Viking warrior turned farmer. No job is out of reach, as he learned early in life the importance of hard work and later the great word Parapet. Phil resembles the pasta Gemelli- a little twisted, but all good.





    Cyndi Ray

    Inside Sales Manager; AZ Native, Big Bird Nerd

    Here to make sure all the i's are dotted and the t's crossed when not herding the dogs of Goby.  Expert freight wrangler from years of secretly watching Bob the Builder or doing copious amounts of yoga. Even though discombobulated may be an awesome word, Cyndi is here to keep your project on track.






    Our focus for over 40 years has been on providing rare and unique material, so that our customers can “ooh and ahh” their clients. If you’re looking for an impressive piece, contact us to find out more about our large selection of some of the most exclusive and unique wood on the planet.


    Have some questions? Give us a call! 503-477-6744
    Goby Walnut and Western Hardwoods
    25420 S Hwy 99E. Aurora, OR 97002