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Quarter-Sawn White Oak

The word Quarter-Sawn or Quarter Sawn relates to the direction of the cut according to the growth rings of the tree. Quarter-Sawn White Oak is the primary wood associated with Arts and Crafts era furniture.  Quarter-Sawn White Oak is also known as White Oak Quarter Sawn, or Quarter-Sawn White Oak Lumber.

White oak was the premier wood used in furniture, cabinetry, dressers, flooring, doors and a variety of other creations such as oak paneling and picture frames before the beginning of the industrial age.  However, around the 1800’s White Oak began to fall in popularity as people gave way to new manufacturing processes and production line mentality.  Nearing the 1900’s the popularity of White Oak began to increase again as people turned back to the memories of a simpler time when items were handmade and had a special hand crafted quality in the workmanship of the wood and product.

When purchasing quarter-sawn white oak, you’ll want to look at the growth rings (the less width between the rings means the older the tree).  Usually old growth is preferred over new growth for wood working and furniture creation (both are excellent woods to work with but of course, older cuts are preferred if they can be found.  However, old growth quarter-sawn white oak is getting harder and harder to find due to new forestry regulations and other limitations.  Most likely,the older the tree, the darker the wood.

We have Quarter Sawn White Oak, 4/4, 5/4, 6/4 and 8/4 as well as Tan Oak.

Pricing: please see our White Oak Price Sheet .