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Turning Stock (Walnut and Maple)

Walnut turning stock and Maple turning stock in a wide range of widths and thicknesses is available and sold by the pound as waxed, green stock. We can provide square dowel stock, bowl blanks, log cut-offs, and heavier material for turnings and carvings.

Green Turning Stock $2/lb
Dry Turning Stock- $10/B.F. Clear
Fancy Figures- $20/B.F.

Representative Sample Green Weights
6x6x3" - 6lbs
12x12x4" - 32lbs
20x20x3" - 65lbs

NOTE: Turning stock is normally milled 3 inches and 4 inches thick - cut square - waxed four sides. Thicker dimensions are available up to 3 feet thick. Butt figured material is also available for custom cutting.