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Tonewoods which are also referred to as instrument wood or music wood is cut carefully from the highest grade trees.  We use a natural process to season all our tonewoods, the same as our Master Grade tonewoods.  Our tonewoods are excellent for use in all types of musical instruments including: acoustic guitars, electric guitars, violins, ukulele, mandolins, banjos and other small instruments.

Tonewood Species

Oregon Black Walnut
Claro Walnut
Curly Maple
Quilted Maple
Flame Maple
Tiger Stripe Maple
Figured Maple

Instrument Tonewoods

Acoustic Guitar Tonewood (Back/Sides)
Acoustic Guitar Tonewood One-Piece Necks
Acoustic Guitar Tonewood Laminated Necks

Banjo One Piece Necks
Banjo Rim Wood

Electric Guitar Tonewood Tops (Solid Body – Book Matched)
Electric Guitar Tonewood Solid One Piece Bodies
Electric Guitar Tonewood Necks

Mandolin Tonewood Back and Sides Acoustic Sets
Mandolin Tonewood Back, Sides and Top Acoustic Sets
Mandolin Tonewood One-Piece Necks
Mandolin Tonewood Laminated Necks

Small Instrument Back and Sides Acoustic Sets
Small Instrument Back, Sides and Top Acoustic Sets
Small Instrument One-Piece Necks
Small Instrument Laminated Necks

Ukulele Back and Sides Acoustic Sets
Ukulele Back, Sides and Top Acoustic Sets
Ukulele One-Piece Necks
Ukulele Laminated Necks