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Our Favorite Places

One of the best things about being a fine woods provider is seeing our product in action. Businesses and residents all across the world enjoy our burled woods, hardwood floors, tonewoods, veneers, slabs, and all other assortments of Goby Walnut wood products. These are some of our favorite places to find Goby Walnut's wood in use.

SISTERS COFFEE COMPANY is a rustic coffee shop located in the Pearl District on 13th & Marshall. It features superb coffee blends, homemade pastries, and Goby's woods to the core. As soon as you walk into their Pearl location, you immediately notice the rustic and natural wood qualities. An antique woodsaw hangs above the counter, sweeping oil paintings of natural environments hang on every wall, and three burled walnut tables catch the eye. Two perfect round tables with heavy stools rest in the front window for all to see, and a coffee table rests in front of the stone fireplace. Sisters Coffee Company is truly a place to relax and work freely. It is what makes this one of our favorite places.

Designed by
FIG. Studio


IRVING ST. KITCHEN is a handsome restaurant located on NW 13th in the Pearl District. Upon entering this wooden paradise, wholesome smells and rich colors roll over the senses. The wooden barcounter draws the eye with its brushed steel wine taps and prominent banners featuring the Chinese Zodiac. Tucked away on the edge of the dining area are the private tables. Thick-weave curtains, candle light, and a Goby Walnut slab tabletop are the features here. Each slab is unique and exquisite. Irving St. Kitchen staff love these tables, as the slabs themselves are frequent conversation starters. Should you order the Charcuterie plate (meats and cheeses), they will be delivered and served on black walnut boards - also from Goby. The rustic decor, atmosphere, quality of the food and wait-staff, and the obvious attention to detail are the qualities which make the Irving St. Kitchen one of our favorite places.