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Myrtle wood

Myrtle (Myrtle Wood) is a broadleaf evergreen that is native to Southwestern Oregon and Northwestern California.  Growing up to 120 feet, Myrtle is a hardwood that holds a finish well.  Grain patterns include Common Myrtle, Spalted Myrtle, Myrtle Burl, Tiger Myrtle, and Fiddle Back Myrtle.

Myrtle is a strong, dense wood that has a wide spectrum of colors and figures.  The color is usually light tan and can have dark mineral streaks running through it while showing nice burl or a fiddle back figure.

Because of the density and strength along with elaborate colors and figures of the Myrtle wood it is often used in creating gunstocks, turning blanks and musical instrument billets

We have Myrtle Muzzleloader Blanks, Myrtle Rifle Blanks, and Myrtle Shotgun Blanks available in our Online Catalog.

Pricing: please see our Mytle Wood Price Sheet .