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Madrone Wood

Madrone (arbutus Menziesii) trees are large in size and grow in the Pacific Northwest (also known as Pacific Madrone) it ranges from California to British Columbia.  Madrone ranges in color from red to orange to pink with blues and grays in the lighter wood. Madrone can often have a very dense and figured burl.  Madrone is an Evergreen and is also known as the Strawberry Tree.

Madrone Hardwood is used in the creation of custom furniture, cabinets and flooring because of its special color and eye striking burl.  Madrone has a uniform texture and is very stable in service.  Furniture made of Madrone hardwood usually lasts for many years.  Due to limited availability Madrone is not usually used in commercial furniture production.

Goby offers a large selection of Madrone Veneer in our Online Catalog. We also stock Madrone lumber in 4/4, 5/4 and 8/4

Pricing: please see our Madrone Wood Price Sheet .