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Figured Maple

We now have a large selection of hand picked Figured Maple including Curly Maple, Quilted Maple, Flame Maple, Fiddleback Maple, and Tigerstripe Maple. In an assortment of Maple Boards, Maple Burl, Maple Gunstock Blanks and Maple Billets.

Walnut Lumber & Slabs

Goby Walnut has one of the largest selections of Black Walnut Lumber available in North America.  Our walnut lumber is known by many names: Black Walnut, Oregon Black Walnut, Claro Walnut, and Western Walnut. In reality, our Walnut is a hybrid of Juglans Nigra and Juglans Hindsii and is commonly referred to as “Claro Walnut”. All of our walnut lumber is salvage or hazard wood and is ECO friendly.  Goby Walnut specializes in Large Walnut Slabs, Walnut Gunstock Blanks , Instrument Wood/Music Wood and more. 

For a full listing of all our Lumber and Wood products please visit our walnut lumber online store .

Walnut Slabs

Goby Walnut Slabs are cut from extremely large Claro Walnut (Oregon Black Walnut) trees – some of these trees have unusually large trunks and yield large specialty walnut slabs which can be used for your custom wood working projects.  The slabs are air dried for 2-3 years depending on thickness and then sometimes kiln dried.  We have some of the largest walnut slabs you’ll find anywhere.  See our inventory of Walnut Slabs.

Walnut Lumber

We have a huge selection of walnut lumber in the following thicknesses; 4/4, 5/4, 6/4, 8/4, 12/4, 16/4 and a limited amount of 24/4.Our walnut lumber has been used by woodworkers across the world to meet the needs of their custom woodworking projects.  Some of the common uses of our walnut lumber are: Walnut Bed Frames, Walnut Dining Tables and Chairs, Walnut Coffee Tables, Walnut Jewelry Boxes, Walnut Desks & Walnut Dressers. See our photo gallery of items created with our wood.  See our large inventory of Walnut Boards.

Maple Wood & Lumber

Get the hand selected Figured Maple, Curly Maple, and Quilted Maple for your next wood project that demands the highest quality of figure in the wood. See our large selection of Maple Boards, Large Maple Boards, Maple Book Matched Boards, Maple Burl, Maple Gunstock Blanks, Maple Acoustic Sets, Maple Billets and Maple Turning Blocks. We also have more generic Maple Lumber available for bulk purchases. All Maple is Kiln Dried to retain the highest quality and figure of the wood.

Gunstock Blanks

We offers high quality gunstock blanks at great prices. Oregon Black Walnut gunstock blanks are rough milled 3 inches thick and air dried for 3 years as band sawn oversize gunstock blanks. We cut walnut gunstocks from only the highest grade walnut trees that are 3 feet or more in diameter. This guarantees high quality, strong finished gunstock blanks. We do not normally kiln dry (K.D.) gunstock blanks, but do operate two dehumidifier kilns if K.D. material is necessary. All grades are available from plain to presentation. We inventory more than 4,000 gunstock blanks in the form of over sized shotgun and 1-piece rifle stocks, and also in nonstandard sizes for muzzleloading rifles and pistols--Fowlers and Jaegers. Pistol grip stock is also available. Learn more about the pricing of our walnut gunstock blanks.  We have Black Walnut blanks, English Walnut blanks, Maple blanks, Myrtle blanks and more. We have Claro Walnut blanks, English Walnut blanks, Maple blanks, Myrtle blanks and more. Please visit our online inventory of Gunstock Blanks.

Tonewoods, Music Tonewoods, Instrument Tonewoods

Goby Walnut also has an excellent selection of musical instrument wood.  Oregon Black Walnut is a Claro Walnut that yields highly figured colorful grain patterns, ideal music wood for high grade musical instruments including acoustic guitars, dulcimers, banjo resonators, flutes and other turned instruments.  Learn more about our Musical Tonewoods.  View our online inventory of Instrument Tonewoods.

Price Quotes for wood

We are glad to give price quotes on special walnut lumber orders, walnut logs, custom milling, special bundling, and larger quantities. Quotes are in USD ($) and are valid for 30 days. FOB Portland, OR. USA unless otherwise quoted.

Environmentally Friendly

Goby Walnut Products is very concerned with the impact we are having on our environment. Our wood comes from local Northwest trees that are either hazard or salvage. Our buildings are heated with offcuts from these trees through a very efficient wood fired boiler system. Side cuts from flooring become butcher block countertops. Walnut planer shavings are a natural weed suppressor and we are developing packaging to sell the shavings as a natural alternative to chemical weed suppressants. The Goby delivery truck runs on bio-diesel and Goby Walnut Products is in the process of “smartwood” certification. At Goby Walnut Products we see no reason why responsible environmental practices cannot co-exsist with successful business.

Come visit us in our new location and see the largest stock of Western Walnut in North America!

You can also shop from home and visit one of the largest online catalogs of walnut lumber by clicking here .


You get an idea of the size of this tree when you realize it's 90" wide at the top and 78" wide at the narrow point. 16 slabs from one tree, that's a Goby Walnut record.


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Canít find what youíre looking for? We have over 500,000 boardfeet of hardwood in stock Ė we also sell logs, units, and lumber in bulk. Request a quote today!

In addition to Oregon Black Walnut, Goby also specializes in other local NW Hardwoods such as:

Image Samples of our alternative woods are found HERE